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Our Latest Reviews

Royalhighness904 3 days ago

El Jefe (Heff-Ay) Burrito

Its was delicious meat cooked to perfection the burrito didnt come apart like others ive had😋😋😋😋

C100598 10 days ago

Blackened Shrimp Burrito

We had a safety luncheon at work. I ordered the blackened shrimp burrito and I'm so glad that I did. The combination of the brown rice, avocado cream and pico de gallo along with the juicy tender shrimp was so tasty. I would eat there again!

Libby 13 days ago

House Tacos

Hightide is fresh and delicious every time!

Epbehr17 18 days ago

Chips & Queso

So good!! Very cool place and has great service and food!

Ovj1980 21 days ago

Hightide Burrito

The fish Burrito is my favorite in town! The best!

Angelina 24 days ago


Everyone was very welcoming and helpful when I came in, the empanadas were so good, juice and crispy!

Raphaella 28 days ago

Lupe's Famous Baja Fish Tacos

If a beautiful sunny day on a SoCal beach could be distilled down into a deliciously addicting food item, i'm pretty sure it would take a shape similar to Lupe's Famous Baja Fish Tacos. Every bite is another crunchy, crispy, creamy wave of goodness breaking on my tastebuds. Throw in some chips 'n guac and I'm ready to die happy.

Hkb280 about 1 month ago

C.B.G. Burrito

So delicious! The sauce made it a little bit sweet and the ingredients were all perfectly portioned... got it last week and already want to go back for another!

Adragoo13 about 2 months ago

Del Mar Blackened Shrimp Tacos

The Blackened Shrimp Tacos are fantastic. To turn it up a notch, I highly recommend adding Chipotle Ranch and Poblano peppers.

Dee about 2 months ago

Saltwater Hippie Burrito

Delicious and so fresh. Loved it!

Drpscheets about 2 months ago


Stopped in here when the place i was planning to go was closed. How fortunate for me. The carnitas is smoked in-house and is spectacular no matter how you eat it. The queso is delightful also.

Tayepink992 2 months ago

Hightide Burrito

great service. clean work area . i would go there everyday.

Andrews 2 months ago


We frequently have hightide cater for work events, and the chips and guacamole are a favorite every time. The Guacamole is well seasoned and creamy, and the chips are delicious!

Kmleit4 3 months ago

Avocado Crema


Leah 3 months ago

Queso Small

Love the white queso. Not too spicy, just right!

Lucy 3 months ago

El Jefe (Heff-Ay) Burrito

Delicious! Bring your appetite for this big burrito! I've had it with both blackened shrimp, and plain grilled; both are great. The horseradish sauce takes it over the top.

Lucy 3 months ago

Lupe's Famous Baja Fish Tacos

These are irresistible! The flavors and textures are perfectly in sync. I'm not a sauce person, but the white sauce is delicious!

Nick 3 months ago

Taco de Brisket


Nick 3 months ago

Veggie Burrito

Loved it! So good.

Kmgreffin 5 days ago

House Burrito

Hands down the best burrito ever!

Lydavis82 10 days ago

The 904

very tasty burrito

Matthewhalaw 16 days ago

Street Tacos

Play tennis right across the street and afterwards, it's time for a steak street taco! So good!

Eriekasmaslog 20 days ago

House Burrito

Satisfying fillings, often when I eat burritos at restaurants the wrap takes up too much of the meal, but at this place they do it right. I'll be a repeat customer :)

C 23 days ago

The 904

The best when you're craving for some real flavor. Worth the wait even after that long day after work.

Sackmanl 26 days ago

Queso Small

At our office, we call this stuff "crack". . . it's so good, it's so addictive! We fight over every last drop! Yum.

Taflorez1 about 1 month ago


Amazing light Salad with all the flavors you need! ❤️

Cristinachinchayan about 2 months ago

Burrito Platter

El Jefe- great quality and size for the price, truly unburritable!

Jamesriendeau about 2 months ago

The 904

This burrito has changed my life!! I will always remember the first bite. I had never had a pickle on burrito!!! Thank you so much!!!

Kristenmcknelly about 2 months ago


Yum I love their chips and all the fresh salsa. Everything is great!

Nicdhornstein about 2 months ago

House Burrito

Love it! The food is fresh and delicious, and the staff is top notch. No better food in San Marco!

Kelbysiddons 2 months ago

Chips & Queso

It may sound corny, but these chips are the best. They are crispy and salty and thick enough to withstand the pressures of this life--er, queso. And call me cheesy, but this queso? Out of this world. Hot dairy divinity. It's up to you to get your dipping proportions right, but a symphony of crunchy and smooth, salty and mellow awaits your tastebuds. And really, you can't go wrong.

Beachhound 2 months ago

Del Mar Blackened Shrimp Tacos

My favorite taco ever!! The shrimp is always plump and juicy and perfectly seasoned - yum!!

Calebrand 3 months ago

Cheesy Tots con Carne

Comfort food at its finest! Sometimes I just need some carbload, and this dish gets me what I need!

Caleb 3 months ago

Paleo Burrito Bowl

I love this bowl, and I have no dietary restrictions!! The ingredients combine into a delicious bowl that fill me up without making me feel drowsy for the remainder of the workday. I love to go all in and add brisket for $4!

Lucy 3 months ago

Street Tacos

These street tacos are yummy! I've had the Steak and Carnitas, and will try Brisket next. I wasn't sure I would like the corn tortillas, as I always get flour, but they are so tasty!

Nick 3 months ago

Chips & Queso

The crack that keeps me coming back!

Nick 3 months ago

The 904

Probably one of the best things on the menu!


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